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Because language immersion students:

  • Develop fluency in two languages: English & Spanish.
  • Learn in an ethnically, culturally and linguistically integrated environment.
  • Enjoy the art, music and literature of other cultures while developing awareness of other cultures.
  • Work together cooperatively, developing self-esteem and good social interaction skills.
  • More fully appreciate the rich diversity of our state.
  • Can communicate with 80% of the world’s population.
  • Have the option to learn a 3rd language in high school.
  • Are provided with unique linguistic and cultural options such as international marketing, second language teaching, social work, publishing, intercultural communication, travel consulting, foreign diplomatic relations, and many more.

Research also shows that childhood is the ideal time to learn a new language and the best time for most people to acquire complete fluency, flawless pronunciation and a natural ease of expression in a second language.