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Our goal is to educate students to become bilingual and biliterate, and to enable children to meet the challenges of a global society. Students will acquire the skills to read, write, speak, listen, and think in two languages. The development of fluency and literacy in two languages requires 6+ years of continuous participation in the Dual Language Immersion Program.

In Valley View’s Dual Language Immersion Program, Spanish is used as the language of instruction throughout the primary grades. English is introduced gradually into the curriculum.

  • Grades K-2
    • All subjects are taught in Spanish
      • Kindergarten: 10% English instruction
      • First Grade: 10% English instruction
      • Second Grade: 20% English instruction
  • Grade 3
    • English language arts is formally introduced
    • 30% English instruction
  • Grades 4-5
    • Instructional time is evenly divided between English and Spanish
    • The two languages are used separately during different periods of instruction