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Game Rules

Game Rules

Elementary Four-Square

1. The "A" square always serves.
2. Serves must be underhanded, with both hands.
3. When a player makes a mistake, he/she always returns to the "D" square.
4. The ball must hit in a square one time before it can be hit into another square.
5. The ball may not be caught or held.
6. The ball may not be double-hit.
7. If the ball hits a line, the ball is out.
8. A player may not hit the ball to the same person two times in a row.
9. All players must play safely.
10. "Rock, Paper, Scissors" settles all disagreements.

Tether Ball

1. The game begins when one player "serves". The player who won the previous game is the server.
2. The new player chooses which side to stand on and which direction he/she would like to hit the ball.
3. The new player must hit the ball at least once for the game to be official.
4. Each play must stay on his/her side at all times.
5. Players may not hold or catch the ball.
6. Players may not touch the rope or touch the pole.
7. Players may not hit the ball more than twice while it is on his/her side.
8. The winning player may not play more than three games in a row.
9. Players not following the above rules must return to the end of the line.
10. "Rock, Paper, Scissors" settles all disagreements.

Play Structures

1. Tag or any other games are not allowed on the equipment or in the area.
2. The only way allowed down the slide is feet first in a sitting position.
3. Students may not block or stop on any slide at anytime. Only one student at a time down the slide.
4. Running in the plat structures area is never allowed.
5. Jumping off the slide is never allowed and extremely dangerous.
6. Bottom of slide area must remain clear for students coming down.
7. Common Sense is always the rule on the play structures.

Ball Wall

1. Ball Walls are not made for tennis balls, baseballs or anything other than school issued balls.
2. Only one ball per court and only two students at a time inside the court. Each ball wall has two courts.
3. Students must line up orderly as they wait their turn inside the court.
4. All playground areas are open. Therefore, there is no "claiming or saving" the court by any student.