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School Rules

School Rules


Each teacher and class creates and implements the rules that they will need in order to maintain a positive learning environment. These rules, consequences, and rewards will be shared with parents.


Students are to freeze when the bell rings and wait for a whistle to be blown dismissing them to their class lines. Students are to walk, not run, to their lines.

1. Inappropriate language is never tolerated at anytime.
2. Students must obey the instruction of all the yard duty supervisors. Supervisors will administer passes to students who request to enter the school building. The passes will have the child's name and destination.
3. Students will not interfere with other children's games or harass other students. Failure to show mutual respect will not be tolerated at anytime.
4. Climbing the fences is never allowed for any reason.
5. Students must always use the playground equipment safely.
6. Games that are rough or dangerous are not tolerated. Chicken fighting or deliberately punching, tripping, hitting or knocking down another student is a serious offense. Tag games or chasing others are only allowed on the open grass field.
7. Students are only permitted to kick balls in designated areas such as ball walls, grass and kickball diamond. Bouncing balls on the school walls or hitting the tether balls after the bell rings is not permitted.
8. Students may not return to their classrooms once they are dismissed for recess or lunch.


1. Students will be escorted by their teacher to the multi-purpose room or designated lunch area.
2. Students will stay with their class in line. No cutting in line, yelling or popping bags is allowed.
3. Throwing of food or other objects is never allowed and is considered a serious offense.
4. No food or drink is allowed on the playground.
5. Students will not be dismissed until all trash in the area is picked up and thrown away.


1. Restrooms are to be used for bathroom purposes only.
2. Screaming, running or playing in the restroom or around them is never allowed and considered a serious offense.
3. Restrooms must be left neat and clean. Paper products inappropriately disposed of is considered very serious.
4. Food and drinks are not allowed in the restrooms.
5. Students will respect another person's right to privacy.


The Valley View bike rack is located near the multi-purpose room. If you ride your bike to school, please lock your bike in the bike rack. All students in grades 2 through 5 may ride their bikes to school. If you ride your bike to school, please remember:

* Follow all bike safety rules.
* Walk your bike inside the bike rack and no riding on any area of the campus.
* Bring a lock for your bike. You must lock your bike. You may not lock up with a friend.
* You never have permission to thrash, trash, vandalize, or ghost ride a bike. If you do, you may loose bike privileges for the remainder of the year.
* Please be extremely careful when you leave school to go home. Walk your bike off campus and then ride carefully.
* The school has no legal responsibility for bikes. Damaged or stolen bikes are the financial responsibility of the owner.
* For your protection, do not decorate your bicycle with easily removable parts.
* We encourage you to register your bicycles at the police department or city hall.


Be sure you have an established route to and from school that the whole family agrees on. Please cross at corners and obey the crossing guards. Also, do not arrive at school more than 5 to 10 minutes before class. Be sure to have rainy day plans arranged in advance!