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Medication Policy

Medication Policy

Procedures for Administering Medications in School

In those cases where the principal decides that a parent request for administration of medication to a student at school is to be honored, the following procedures will be observed:

1. The administration of medication to pupils shall be done only in exceptional circumstances wherein the child’s health may be jeopardized without it and only when such administration has been requested and approved by the student’s parents and physician (in the case of prescription medication.)

2. Pupils requiring medications at school shall be identified to the school by parents and/or physician. Students are not allowed to carry or take medication, unless under the supervision of the school official designated to supervise the procedure, as described in #4 below.

3. A written statement shall be required, with prescription medication of:
a. The family physician, who shall indicate the necessity of said medication being given to the child during school hours; (pill bottle as described in #4 will suffice).
b. The parents, who shall request and authorize the designated school personnel to give said medication in the dosage so prescribed by the physician.

4. The parents will be requested to secure from the physician a prescription for duplicate supplies of said medication, one supply to be kept at home and one to be kept in school. The school principal will designate the person at the school to be responsible for the supply of medication at the school and under no circumstances is said medication to be kept in the classroom. Both supplies shall contain the name and telephone number of the pharmacy, the pupil’s identification, name of the physician, and dosage of the medication to be given. Taking the dosage shall be supervised by designated school personnel at a time conforming with the physician’s indicated dosage schedule. Medications are not to be accepted unless in a prescription bottle as described above.

5. All medication must be stored in a locked container available only to authorized personnel.

6. Over-the-counter medication must be in original container with dosage and frequency of administration clearly indicated. All medication administered at school requires a written statement signed by the parent and the physician for prescription and over the counter medications.

7. Request for the administration of medication by school personnel must be renewed with the school annually.

8. Medication left in the office at the end of the school year will be discarded.