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School-Wide Policies

School-Wide Policies

Grading Policy:

Students are graded according to their individual ability as determined by their progress or achievement. All students and their parents receive communication regarding their work/study habits, progress, and ability levels through parent conference(s), on trimester report cards, and progress notes.

Retention Policy:

If the school or the parents consider the possibility of retention in a grade for another year, notification of the proposed retention and the reasons why will be given according to the district retention policy. Prior to the final decision, a meeting will be held with the parents, teachers, and administrators. It is extremely important that any concerns be communicated very early in the school year so that remediation can be pursued and the student's progress monitored.


We encourage our students to eat a well-balanced lunch each day.  Lunch is free to all students.

Lost and Found:

Our lost and found is located in front of the school. Please write your child’s name on their clothing before they wear it to school. Each year we collect a large amount of unclaimed items which are left at school. If your child loses an article or item, please check the lost and found box first. All unclaimed lost and found items will be given to a local charity at the end of each trimester.

Lost or Damaged Books and Technology:

Students are responsible for the cost of replacing all lost or damaged texts, library books, and technology. Please help your child(ren) develop a sense of pride in their school materials which encourages them to take care of their items.


Stuffed animals, nail polish, stickers, fidgets, pop-its, Pokemon cards, tennis balls, footballs, and so forth are not allowed at school. These items can be disruptive in and out of class and many times they get lost or damaged. We do not want students upset due to the lose or damage of an item. Please help us enforce this policy. Primary students need the permission of their instructors before bringing such items to school for sharing.

Inclement Weather:

During inclement weather, students arriving at school in the morning will go into the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). Supervision will be available. We ask that students not stand in the rain waiting for the bells to ring. During inclement weather students will eat in the MPR and be dismissed to their classrooms for recess.

School Safety Procedures:

Valley View conducts regular safety drills for students and staff. These drills include: fire drills, earthquake drills, and safety “lock-down of classroom” drills.

A Safe-School Binder, which contains the school safety plan, is available for parent review in the school office.

Pleasanton Unified School District’s “Nondiscrimination, Sexual Harassment , and Complaint Procedures” are included in this handbook.

Electrical Energy Crisis - Rolling Blackouts:

During a rolling blackout, students will not be dismissed and our schedule will remain the same. The safest place for students during a blackout within the school hours is at school.

Our building allows for the sunlight to help illuminate the classrooms. For your information, our emergency evacuation system has a four hour battery back up. We will be able to safely evacuate our school should an emergency occur during a blackout.