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About Our School

We are extremely proud of our school and of all the people who are dedicated to ensuring each and every Valley View student receives the best educational opportunities possible.

Valley View derives its name from the beautiful view of the surrounding valley one can see on a clear day. This view is symbolic of the pride teachers, parents, students and community have in Valley View School. We are committed to helping students achieve to their highest potential. Everyone at Valley View is extremely proud of our school, students, community and most importantly - - our achievements.

Although there have been changes over the last 40 years, many of the values and traditions still exist, such as parent support for the students and staff. The community continues to remain active and involved with the school. Parent involvement still plays a vital role in supporting our multi-cultural student population.

Our primary goal is to provide a school environment where students, parents, teachers and staff want to come each and every day. Student achievement and teacher satisfaction increases with an accepting school environment. A sense of community exists at Valley View where the relationship between the school and all families is supportive. Teachers, students and parents take great pride in being a Valley View Mustang!

  • Current enrollment of over 700 students
  • Opened in 1960 as Kindergarten through Sixth Grade
  • One of the oldest in the Pleasanton Unified School District
  • Located near historical downtown Pleasanton
  • Unique in the district because of its economic and ethnic diversity
  • Serve students from upper middle class families as well as students who are in families needing some assistance
  • Approximately 15% of our population are second language learners
  • Offer an award-winning 90/10 Spanish Dual Immersion Program. In 2003, Valley View was one of 3 schools in California awarded the "Seal of Excellence" at the California Association of Bilingual Educators' conference.
  • Academic Performance Index (API) of 901
  • All school ranking of 10 and a similar schools ranking of 8
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  • STAR Results
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