How To Prepare For Next School Year

How to prepare for next school year
Kinder to 1st Have your child read books at their level daily. Continue to read aloud to your child. Practice sight words your child doesn't "slip" in the summer. Continue to practice addition and subtraction facts. Practice letters sounds, letter identification, and writing upper and lower case letters. Practice writing simple cvc words and sight words.
1st to 2nd • Keep practicing your math facts! XtraMath is an easy and quick way to practice every day. It is VERY important that kids start 2nd grade with their addition and subtractions facts memorized. There are also many other apps and websites to help students memorize math facts.
• Finish your module 6 math books.
• Writing is a HUGE part of second grade. Get a journal or a notebook and write about what you do every day. Make up your own stories. Write letters to friends and family. Keep a reading log – write about the stories you read. Write both fiction and non-fiction. Add in text features to your writing. Write small moments, reports, and opinions.
• It is really important that students read EVERY day. Go to the Pleasanton Public Library and join their Summer Reading Program to encourage daily reading. 
Reading Takes You Everywhere!
Embark on a reading summer of exploration, discovery, and new experiences. 
People, places, and things familiar and unknown beckon at the turn of every page!
June 2 – July 29
2nd to 3rd -READ, READ, READ!!--- RAZ-Kids and regular public library visits
-Keep a journal and write about your adventures over the summer--- Try to write journal entries in the form of each of the following writing genres we learned this year: narrative writing, informative writing and opinion writing 
-Complete any unfinished workbooks--- Eureka Math and/or Benchmark
-Participate in the summer reading program at the library
-For DI students, practice speaking Spanish!! Have playdates 100% in Spanish, watch a movie with Spanish audio, listen to music in Spanish, etc.!
3rd to 4th Practice and review multiplication/division facts.Read on RAZ-kids. Join the public library reading program and keep up reading at least 30 minutes a day (preferably 60 minutes daily). Write in a journal about your summer escapades. Remember your multiplication tables.
4th to 5th Finish module 7 of Eureka Math and watch math videos (
Read, read, read and visit public libraries for more book selections
Keep a journal during the summer
Practice math with Matific and X-tra Math with your online accounts
DI- Leer en español para mejorar el vocabulario y la fluidez
Practice multiplication/division math facts
5th to 6th Enjoy your break! Read for pleasure, disconnect from electronics, and go out and play. Visit your friends, enjoy your family and recharge your batteries for 6th grade.