Kindness and Compasion

As we process the Russia-Ukraine conflict and as we consider the plight of the Ukrainian refugees, I know our hearts are heavy. "This conflict reminds us of the importance of leading with kindness and compassion..diversity is our strength..."
At Valley View, we would like to show our love and support for the refugees and the American soldiers involved in the crisis. Pleasanton Military Families is an organization we will partner with to send positive notes and needed goods to Ukraine. They will pack and send the items for us on March 18th.  
There are two ways to participate:
1.  Draw happy pictures with positive words or phrases for refugees, or write encouraging letters to American soldiers 
2.  Donate items from this pack-out list or from the attached list (no Costco-sized items please - pack-out boxes are small.). 
If you would like to donate items from the attached list, and/or if you would like to give drawings/letters, I will collect them in my office before March 18th. Thank you to Jeanette Ricafrente, one of our noon duty supervisors, for finding this opportunity and for transporting the items to the pack-out for us.
As a reminder - Here are some helpful classroom resources, linked in Dr. Haglund's email:

With a heavy but hopeful heart, 

Valley View Elementary School